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I have to write a term paper using examples from the text oedipus and discuss and analyze the literart devices of symbolism and irony in the play. I must discuss how these devices help develop on the motifs sophocles utilized in his work.
I have started to brain storm and came of with a few examples of irony and symbolism. For Irony I ahve came up with "eyes" oedipus's could see, but he was blind to the fact he was the murders of the king (his father) and terius "the blind prophet" was blind but actually could see the future. 2 the second irony was the curse he was given to kiler which the reader knew it was him. For symbolism I have the feet (oedipus was mean swollen foot) his feet were pinned together at birth which means his destiny was already determine. I also got the herphard who protect him whn his first mother gave him away. I have to come up with six each, but I'm really stuck. I also need help with example of some of sophocles's motifs. I'm not sure if that means his themes or is the professor looking for something else?

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