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SCI 241

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i need to know the path food follows through the digestive system and how digetion occurs in eachof the following parts of the digestive system.. I need to onclude descriptions of other organs or componentsnof the digestive system including: large intestine
Mouth,small ntestine, and stomach.

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    mouth=> had digestive enzymes in saliva which can digest starch
    food then goes through the throat and into the:
    stomach=> acid breaks down food and the stomach can absorb some nutrients from the food.Then food goes into the:
    small intestine=> bile is pumped into the small intestine right below the stomach and the bile breaks down the fats in the food. Then there are pancreatic juices that flow into the small intestine and help us digest food as well. Then the food goes into the:
    large intestine=> water is mostly absorbed through there.Last place is the:
    colon and then food exits the body.
    small intestine=>

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