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Posted by Claus on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 7:41pm.

Liquid Nitrogen tetroxide, N2O4(l), was used as a fuel in Apollo missions to the moon. In a closed container the gas N2O4(g) decomposes to nitrogen dioxide, NO2(g). The equilibrium constant,k, for this reaction is 0.87 at 55 degrees Celsius. A vessel filled with N2O4(g) at this temperature is analyzed twice during the course of the reaction and found to contain the following concentrations:

(a) [N2O4(g)] = 5.30 mol/L; [NO2(g)] = 2.15 mol/L

(b) [N2O4(g)] = 0.80 mol/L;[NO2(g)]] = 1.55 mol/L

In each case determine wheter the system. If not, predict the direction in which the reaction will proceed to acheive equilibrium.

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