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A child is twirling a 0.0116 kg ball on a string in a horizontal circle whose radius is 0.102 m. The ball travels once around the circle in 0.560 s.
(a) Determine the centripetal force acting on the ball.

(b) If the speed is doubled, does the centripetal force double?


If not, by what factor does the centripetal force increase?

I was able to work the problem but i'm not sure what it means by factor for the third part of the problem. Please help.

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    Centripetal force is
    M V^2/R
    In your case V = 2 pi R /(0.56 s) = 1.1144 m/s, so
    Force = (0.0116)(1.1144)^2/(0.102)= ? N

    If V is charged to 2V, the Force becomes 4 times as large, because the 2 gets squared. The factor they are looking for is 4.

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