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If Earth is 149.6 million Kilometers from the sun, or 93 million miles away. suppose there was an imaginary road from earth to the sun. If you were in a car traveling 100 km an hour, it would take you 1,490,000 hours or just 170 years to reach the sun. If it took 170 years to drive from earth to the sun, how many years would it take to drive from Jupiter to the sun at the same speed. While Jupiter is 778.3 ,million km from the sun.

Please help me i have tried so hard to figure it out but I can't get it.

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    You can do it long way by converting 778.3 km to miles and calculating the time but I think a shorter way is to set up a proportion between earth/sun and jupiter/sun
    170yrs to drive 149.6 km.
    ? yrs to drive 778.3 km.

    The ratio would look like this
    (170yrs/149.6 million km) = (?yrs/778.3 million km)
    Cross multiply.
    170yrs x 778.3 million km = 149.6 million km x ?
    Solve for ?.
    ? = 170 x 778.3 million km/149.6 million km.
    Check my thinking. Check my work carefully. You can ignore the million factor since it is in the numerator and denominator and cancels.

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    thank you for your help

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    But what is the answer?

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