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n=15 and there are 3 groups

These data are analyzed by an ANOVA, and the resutls are reported in the following summary table. fill in all missing values in the table.

* All that is given in the table is the MS(mean square) within treatments=20 and F=4 (f-ratio)

I have to find the SS Between and Within treatments.

The df for between and within treatments, this what I got:
df total=44 (n=15, (15)(3)=45, N=45, dftotal=N-1, 45-1=44)

df between= k-1= 3-1= 2

df within= N-k=45-3= 42

-My question is how do I find the MS within treatments
-SS for within and between treatments,

when only the F (4) is given, the MS of between treatments is given (20), and the df's that I calculated above?

Please help! Thank You

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    OK, let's look at what you have and what you need in table form:

    ............ SS ...... df ..... MS ..... F
    Between..... ? ....... 2 ...... 20 ..... 4
    Within...... ? ....... 42 ..... ?
    Total ...... ? ....... 44

    To find SS between, take df between times MS between.
    To find SS within, take df within times MS within.
    SS total is SS between plus SS within.
    To find MS within, take MS between and divide by F-ratio.

    That should complete the table.

    I hope this will help.

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    Thank you so much!

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