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Two lengths are drawn from a Point P to a circle centre (o). The radius of the circle is 8.2cm and P is 12.4cm from o. Find the angle between the tangents.

Please help, I really don't understand it.

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    If one of the lengths goes to the center, where does the other one go? Is is a tangent? You don't say so. You talk about "between the tangents" but one of the lines is not a tangent.

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    If I understand the question, tangents are drawn to the circle from point P.
    Let those contact points be A and B
    In triangle APO,
    OP = 12.4
    and the angle at A is 90º

    let angle APO be ß
    sin ß=8.2/12.4
    ß = 41.4º

    so the angle between the two tangents is 82.8º

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