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Please understand that I am not upset with anyone or whatever I just want to know something. I have some work to be checked and the regular tutors here say that "we will be happy to critque your thinking" right? Ok so when someone comes to this site and only post questions just looking for handout answers,thats wrong I get that but what I do is post questions with my best answer, my very best to my knowledge answer, NOT guesses wishing someone would sneak in the right answer and ask for it to be checked. I know that you guys are VOLUNTEERS that come and go when you have time. If I post like 3 question and answers in a row and someone says correct for all 3 then that's fine but then if the next 3 are wrong then yall start scolding me. Just tell me how yall want me to ask my questions because I DO need them CHECKED and if the are wrong and I can't figure out how to get the answer I will ask for it to be explained. I'm homeschooled

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    I read your earlier post in which you complained about your questions not being answered; however, I scanned the boards and looked for an entire page before I found a post from you (under Jon) and that one had been answered. Therefore, I was not able to determine just what the problem was. This post is a little clearer. My best advice is to post one question per post, give the answer your best shot, show you work as to how you arrived at that answer, then ask follow up questions if needed. All of the tutors on this board seriously try to help students. As you correctly point out, we don't do homework but we do try to help students understand so they can do their homeowrk. Sometimes we offer hints, sometimes we offer hot links to a site that should help, and sometimes we work a problem to show how one is done. Hang in there and thanks for using Jiskha.

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    will do thanks

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