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Posted by Jessica on Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 3:23pm.

Hi Cna someone please tell me what I must out into the Trial 1 column? It would be greatly appreciated.

theLab: Determining the Ksp For Ca(OH)2

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the Ksp for calcium hydroxide.

Experimental Design: A saturated solution of calcium hydroxide is titrated with a hydrochloric acid solution of known concentration to a bromophenol blue endpoint (yellow).


50.0 mL of 0.10 M HCl(aq)
bromophenol blue indicator
50.0 mLsaturated calcium hydroxide
50.0 mL buret
125 mL Erlenmeyer flask
50.0 mL of distilled water
10 mL pipet with pump
waste beaker


1.Fill the buret with the acid solution.
2.Pipet 10.0 mL of calcium hydroxide into the flask.
3.Add approximately 10.0 mL of water to the flask.
4.Add 4 drops of bromophenol blue to the flask.
5.Titrate the base to an endpoint and record the volume of acid added.
6.Dispose of the flask contents into a waste beaker.
7.Repeat steps 2-6 four more times.


1.Present your data in a table. Use the following table as a guide:

Trial 1 Trial 2
Initial volume of HCl(mL)
Final volume of HCl(mL)
Volume of HCl added(mL)

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