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more pre cal logs

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sorry I am so lost I missed the class that talked about logs since my sister was in the hospital giving birth to a still born baby.... now I am all lost...

Expand the log

Ln 3sqrootx^2y/x+3

(the 3 is part of the sqroot not infront like the 3rd power) I hope that makes since

  • more pre cal logs -

    In your text or in your notes you should find 3 main rules for logs.

    1. log(AB) = logA + logB
    2. log (A/B) = logA - logB
    3. log (A^n) = nlogA

    use them in this question.
    You did not use brackets to establish the correct order of operations here, so I will let you finish it.
    You probably meant
    ln[3√(x^2y)/(x+3)] but I have no way of knowing.

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