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Math (functions)

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How can I tell whether a function will be reflected in the x-axis or y-axis and whether it will be horizontally and vertically compressed or not?

For example, this function:
y=-2f(4(x-2)) + 8

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    Wouldn't it depend what f(z) was? For instance, if f(z)=z^2, then
    f(4(x-2)) would be 16(x-2)^2 which would reflect about x=2

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    Oh, sorry I wasn't clear.

    I didn't mention that it's supposed to be graphed from y = f(x). Also, we just write out how to obtain the graph, not the exact coordinates.

    So I think from
    y=-2f(4(x-2)) + 8

    -Vertically stretched by a factor of 2, and horizontally stretched by a factor of 1/4
    -Reflected in the x-axis
    -Translated 2 units right, 8 units up

    Is this correct?

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