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Homework Help: Algebra II

Posted by Lucy on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 11:45am.

Please check the following:

Solve log4(m-3)+ log4(m+3) =2
Answer: 1

Solve 6^3n=43^5n-4
Answer: 1.1202

Solve 5^2x+1>=50

Use common logarithms to approximate log9(207) to four decimal places.
Answer: 2.4270

Ealuate: In e^-9x
Answer: -9x

Solve 4+3e^5x = 27
Answer: 1.53333

Solve IN (x+5) >= 2.
Answer: x>= 2.3891

A particular compound decays according to the equation y=ae^-0.0974t, where t is in days. Find the half life of this compound.
Answer: about 7.1 days

At a large town with a large convention center, the cost of a hotel room has increased 5.1% annually. If the average hotel room cost $48.00 in 1980 and this growth continues, what will an average hotel room cost in 2012? Use y=a(1+r)^t and round to the nearest cent.


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