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Graph the function
x if -2<=x<=3
I know x would be x|-2|-1|0|1|2|
But I do not understand how to find y.
Can someone tell me how to find the y's?

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    yes,right ...if you want to find y . you must know what is the equation of y.

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    Y can be anything within the zone of allowed x values.

    The graph of the inequality should be a zone between vertical x = -2 and x = +3 lines

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    Questions such as your -2 ≤ x ≤ 3 are usually found in most text books under a section of "graphing on a number line", namely the x-axis, so there is no y involved.

    For you question, just draw small solid circles at x=-2 and x=3, then draw a solid line between them, showing you want every possible value between -2 and 3 inclusive.

    ( if your relation had been -2 < x < 3, your small circles would be open, implying that you would exclude those actual values)

    If you want to involve y, then do what drwls suggested above.

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