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Algebra HELP!

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I cannot find an example and am confused about what to do with this problem. Can someone tell me what they want? Do they want me to graph the function and determine x&f? I am just not sure how to get my answer.
My problem is:

Compare the graph of the given quadratic function f and the graph of y=x2.

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    I expect that you mean y = x^2 and
    f(x) = (x-2)^2 + 3. We suggest you to use a ^ before all exponents to help us understand what you are writing.

    Both curves are parabolas that open upward. The first one, "y" has its minimum value when x = 0, and the y value there is y = 0.

    The second curve, f(x), has its minimum value at x = 2, and the y value there is f(x) = 3. One curve looks like the other, except that they are displaced to different regions of the graph.

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    If they are suppose to be exponents, that would make more sense. But my problem was written exactly as I typed it. So the answers they are looking for are the values of x, y, and f(x)? Thank-you for your help.

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    3x + 24y = 24 and 27x – 15y = -15
    how do i solve using substitution method

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