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Choose one of the following terrestrial resource challenges:

o Loss of agricultural land

o Reducing solid waste

• Post your response to the following: What are the challenges of managing your chosen

terrestrial resource issue? What human activities contribute to the problem?

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    Which of these challenges have you chosen?

    Loss of agricultural land means less land to raise food. However, the farmers have probably made more money by selling their land to land developers than they would have made raising crops. In addition, with modern agricultural management, more food can be grown on less acreage.

    Reducing solid wastes is a necessity, in my opinion. Options include recycling and new packaging ideas. How do we convince consumers to recycle and industries to reduce their packaging?

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    The loss of agricultural land is a huge problem that exists in our country. The challenges of managing this issue is that it is caused by overpopulation, which isn't going to stop anytime soon. More people means more houses, which takes up more land. It is cheaper to build new subdivisions than fix up old ones, and people would rather buy a new home than an old one, so they keep building and expanding city areas. Here in Detroit, the inner city is crumbling, and even in this economy, new subdivisions are being built all the time!

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