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To Taylor: raising money

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"Posted by Taylor on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 5:58pm in response to Work and Family Life (WFL).

Thank you, but yes my teacher DOES want me to raise real money. Car washes-- In this weather??
Bake sales-- How would I get the bake goods, and that would certainly cost a lot wouldn't it?

Thank you, but if possible, might you tell me some OTHER ways (Cheaper and easier) to raise money?


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    car wash?

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    There is no easy way for a student to earn $500 a month.

    If you're 16 or older, you could get a job, but would have to work about 20 -25 hours a week at minimum wage to earn $500.

    Of course you could ask your family and friends for donations. Although I may donate $20 to a worthy cause when a friend asks, I doubt if I'd contribute to bringing some person to the U.S. just because they "want" to come.

    If you're in a public school, the teacher's request is illegal, I believe. Ask your parents to talk with the teacher and the principal.

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    OMG. $500.00 a month...I didn't know it would be monthly. Can't imagine the teacher is making such a request!

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