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I need to know how to find the mean,mode,median and range of a set of numbers

  • pre-algebra -

    The MEAN is the arithmetic average, the average you are probably used
    to finding for a set of numbers - add up the numbers and divide by how
    many there are
    The MEDIAN is the number in the middle. In order to find the median,
    you have to put the values in order from lowest to highest, then find
    the number that is exactly in the middle
    The MODE is the value that occurs most often.
    The RANGE is the difference between the lowest and highest values.

  • pre-algebra -

    one note on the median.

    if the number of data numbers are odd then the middle number would be the median

    example: 1,2,3,4,5
    median is the middle number 3

    if the number of data numbers are even then the median would be the average of the middle 2 numbers.

    example: 1,2,3,4,5,6
    median is average of 3 and 4 since those 2 are the middle #'s
    thus (3+4)/2= 3.5

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