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English expression

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(Do you have a dog?) You should put/mark (Are both OK?) a question mark at the end of a question. As this is an interrogative sentence, the question mark is put.

(This is my dog, Ben.) My dog is in apposition to/with Ben. So there is a comma between the two items. You can omit the comma. As this is an declarative sentence, a full stop is added at the end.

(How nice she is!) This is an exclamatory sentence, so the exclamation mark is marked/put.(Are both OK?)
Is my explanation OK? Are there any expressions which are not grmmatical?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. In #1, "You should put, etc." is clear. It seems repetitive to repeat the word "mark" twice in the same sentence. At the end, how about "written" instead of the final word "put?"

    #2. "in apposition to" The comma between "dog" and "Ben" would mean you are speaking TO Ben. Instead of "a full stop" how about the word "a period?"

    #3. Again, I'd say "written" to avoid the question of either "marked" or "put."

    Your explanations are ok but in #2 do you realy need the 2nd sentence?

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