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using the Amperes Law

The circle on the integral means that B(r) must be integrated

A. over a circle or a sphere.
B. along any closed line that you choose.
C. along the path of a closed physical conductor.

D.over the surface bounded by the current-carrying wire.

Im pretty sure its B but I just wanna be positive thank you.

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    oops theres a D too.
    D. over the surface bounded by the current-carrying wire.

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    i need to know the forms of basic crystals

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    "closed Path" which encloses current. B is the best answer. If you choose a closed path which encloses no current, then B is zero. On answer B, it would have been much better to word it "along any closed path that you choose". The word line, technically, cannot form a closed surface, and so the term "closed line"is somewhat without meaning.

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    I know its this stupid Mastering Physics site. It can word things that straightforward.

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