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English expression

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1. He is thin / skinny / slender.
2. She is heavy / overweight / fat /plump.

Do you have some more common adjectives descriving weight?

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    John, an excellent place to look up synonyms and antonyms is the Thesaurus. Put this in your favorite places for future reference.

    Synonyms lean, skinny, slender, slim, spare
    Related words angular, bony, rawboned, scraggy, scrawny, sinewy; lank, lanky, rangy, reedy, spindling, spindly, twiggy, waspish, weedy, willowy, wiry; anorexic, cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, haggard, pinched, skeletal, wasted, wizened; puny, meager ( or meagre), slight
    Near Antonyms beefy, bulky, chunky, fleshy, heavy, heavyset, stocky, stout, thick, thickset, weighty; brawny, burly, husky; dumpy, pudgy, roly-poly, squat, stubby; paunchy, potbellied; flabby, soft; buxom; fleshed-out, full, round
    Antonyms chubby, corpulent, fat, gross, obese, overweight, plump, portly, rotund, tubby

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