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Math (Trigonometry)

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We are working on verifing identities using trigonomic identities and such and of the about 50 or so problems we've had to complete i've been able to push through most except for these:


2.TANx + COTx = (SECx)(CSCx)

3.(COSt)(COTt) = 1-SIN^2t / SINt

Any help would be so greatly appreciated!!!

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    1. Write cot and sec in terms of sin and cos.

    (cosx/sinx)(1/cosx)(sinx) = ?
    See how the terms cancel?

    2. (sinx/cosx) + (cosx/sinx)
    Create a common denominagtr and add numerators.
    = [sin^2x + cos^2x]/(sinx cosx)
    = 1/(sinx cosx)
    = (1/sinx)(1/cosx) = ?

    3. I assume that there should be parentheses around (1-sin^2t). Replace it with cos^2 t and proceed as with the others.

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