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find center and radius of circle

-(x-6)^2 -(x-6)^2
(y+9)^2=+/- ã121-(x-6)^2
-9 -9
does anyone know is this the answer or do I go further???????????????????????

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    Your equation is already in the standard form of
    (x-h)^2 + (y-k)^2 = r^2
    where (h,k) is the centre and the radius is r

    so for (x-6)^2+(y+9)^2=121
    the centre is (6,-9) and the radius is 11

    I have no clue what you were trying to do in your solution
    Also this is the third student who has statements like your
    -9 -9
    in a sequential solution.

    What is that supposed to mean?
    Are you all from the same class?

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    I know Lori. We are suppose to show the number we left out or took away.

  • algebra -

    Where are they showing you that way?

    Tell me the city or state or province, don't name the school

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