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compound inequality
write the solution set using interval notation and graph

-7x+1>=15 or 5x+3>=-17
-1 -1 -3 -3
-7x/-7>=14/-7 5x/5>=-20/5
x>=-2 x>=-4
{-2,sideways8) {-4,sideways8)

On my graph I have a { at -2

Does someone know how to do this?

  • Algebra -

    -7x ≥ 14 now divide by -7 and switch the inequality sign
    x ≤ -2

    5x ≥ -20 divide by 5
    x ≥ -4

    so x ≤ -2 OR x ≥ -4

    Since you used OR the results would cover the entire number line, and the solution would be any real number

    (try any number, it would satisfy either the first OR the second of your inequalities)

    Are you sure the two statements weren't separated by the world "and" ?

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