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can someone proofread this for me and make comments.. thanks

Compare and Contrast / A College Education

Patrick Allitt maintains that Undergraduates should be able to Specialize and that liberal arts are a matter of choice for those undecided, but that specialization be granted for those that know what they want to pursue in his essay (“Should Undergraduates Specialize?,” Chronicle of Higher Education, 2006). In juxtaposition, the versatile and thinking world of the 21st Century which requires and allows individuals to change careers several times, pushing specialization and diminishing liberal arts is detrimental to ability of career transitions and possibilities.
The centralized system provided Allitt the ability in taking history courses while many of his classmates were also taking their desired, cherished, and intimate studies ranging from physics to medicine without being held back by spending their time on minutiae on liberal arts classes that were not required of the vocation. Learning is established through a tutorial system that is conducted once a week, with feedback that was direct, to the point, an very frank with tutors on their toes ready to provide an pinpoint any errors or adjustments needed to understand the concepts given.
As a product of the western educational structure tuition is paid and the only admission requirement is academic, anyone was allowed to go to college and have it paid for, as long as students were focused on a particular field. Relieving the anguish, headache and unworthyness of paying for books, board and general expenses. The nation through specialization was investing and creating national asset's by investing in its people.
Liberal arts is what learning is all about; it is a process. Getting more for the buck and sharing ideas. In order to learn in an advanced field you must know how to apply ideas. Just jumping into a centralized matter an having the focus of vocational learning will produce robots who don't have the capacity to question or think about new or different ideas. The learning Allitt was exposed to is similar to Binary code its on or off, right or wrong and certainly does not expand ones thoughts. Not teaching how to adapt , the liberal art of compromise is the ability to harness different ideas and reason about them among a multi cultural environment with a sense of ethics. Specialization buileds a level of ignorance which is malevolent. Based on his experience the specializtion menthod has a person get in and get out.
When time calls to adapt and react quickly the specailized person is not able to do so because they have to learn ancillary concepts. The lack in skills prevents people from interacting in the discussion of ideas and alternate possibilities. Liberal arts offers the ability to compromise from the exposure to other ideas. Liberal arts expands, renews, an refreshes students skill sets replacing the need to have to go back and learn something from lack of exposure.
Instead of being a product for the government students are a product igniting, setting forth, and blazing new trails to their success and becoming one's own best asset, its the application of their skills and knowledge that allows them to pursue any dream. Rather than having a job students will have a career that is fulfilling, full of enrichment, and worthwhile. Allitt's time reference is dated and inadequate for the world of thinking and technology of the 21st century.The conclusions are based on his experience and the nationalized British meritocratic system and what worked before does not work today.

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