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Rose decided to create a flower bed in front house. One-half of her flower bed is planted with pink tulips. She plants three-fourths of the rest of the ground with purple iris. After that, she plants orange marigolds in one-half of what remains. The rest of the garden is planted with red gladiolas. What percent of her garden is planted in red gladiolas?
I think that i can do the picture form of it, but i'm not really sure how to do the math part of it.

  • Algebra -

    Let Total be x

    1) Pink (1/2)x remain (1/2)x

    2) pink (3/4)*(1/2)x remain (1/4)(1/2)*x

    3) Orange (1/2)(1/4)(1/2)x
    remain: (1/2)(1/4)(1/2)x

    So the red is (1/2)(1/4)(1/2)x

    Which is one-16th of the whole thing, which is 16.7%

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