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Please check if my answers are correct. Thanks
1. The purpose of environmental epidemiology studies is to prove that an environmental agent is the cause of a particular adverse effect. (Points: 3)

2. Which of the following is not an accurate statement about dose-response? (Points: 3)
1. The NOAEL is the highest data point on the dose-response graph that produced an adverse effect.
2. The dose-response is used to establish causality between a compound and an effect
3. The bell shaped curve demonstrates individual variation in response to a particular dose
4. The shape and slope of the dose-response curve is extremely important in predicting the toxicity of a substance at specific dose levels.
Ans =#4

3. The hallmark of a toxic response is that adverse effects are immediate. (Points: 3)

4. Please match the biomarker term with the appropriate item. (Points: 3)


Answer Potential Matches:
: A biomarker for exposure 1: Levels of dioxin measured in the bloodstream.
2: The presence of the BRCA gene in a DNA sample
3: Levels of a protein which rises in the case of tissue damage

: A biomarker for effect
: A biomarker for susceptibility

5. Two chemicals are synergistic when exposure to one chemical causes a dramatic increase in the effect of another chemical. (Points: 3)

6. An environmental health researcher who wants to determine whether people who lived in houses with high amounts of radon die at a greater rate than the general population should do a: (Points: 3)
case control study
randomized clinical trial
dose-response study
retrospective cohort study
6=dose response

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