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Posted by Manny to ANYONE on Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 5:12pm.

I am going to ask my interviewer these questions tomorrow morning. Are there any grammar, spelling mistakes? Do they look okay for me to ask? What additional, if any, questions would you recommend for me to ask? ....Thanks!

What exactly are my duties and responsibilities?

What are the hours I will be working?

Will my pay be commission-based?

What if I do not sell the minimum required of me by the end of my working week? Would I not be receiving a paycheck for that particular week?

If I am offered a position in management, who reports to me, as far as specific titles are concerned?

If I am offered a position in management, who do I report to, as far as specific titles are concerned?

I read through the American Income website this past weekend and was interested that moving up in rank within the company is attainable at a fast rate. Providing a rough figure, how long would it take to move up between ranks?

In my initial interview I was informed that out of 21 appointments, I should strive for at least 12 appointments. When referring to appointments, are appointments face-to-face with customers, on the telephone, or a combination of modes?

How are vacation days, sick pay, etc., gained and when are they available to me?

I am currently employed at a casino where attendance is strictly enforced on an 8-point system per calendar year. What is the attendance policy at American Income?

I was informed in my initial interview that I will be attending training relevant to the position offered. Are the costs of training covered by the company or will I have to pay for the training?

How long will the training last and will I be paid during that time?

I currently have a bachelor degree. Are there degree requirements for mid- to high-level management, and if so, what program of study is given high preference?

I am considering pursing a law degree. I would like to know, what are my career prospects within this company once I earn a Juris Doctor?

What is the work environment in which I will be working in, for example, office, outdoors?

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