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Dear Mr. Donahue,

How are you? My name is Nana Turay and I am an 8th grade student. I am writing you this latter because I was wondering if we could have a school dance by the end of the school year. I know we good student are making life tough for you never less we still love you as a principal. The main reason for my request is that having a school dance would be great. It could be a way for you to reward the student for their hard work. Also it would be a great opportunity for student to see each other for those who may not be back next year. In shot it could be a sent forth for the 8th graders.

please can someone give me more ideas to finish my school dance letter this is what i got so far

  • letter - ,

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all NEVER give your name, the name of a teacher, etc., the town where you live, your phone number, address, etc.

    What you CAN do is use "XXXXX" instead of these things.

    Check spelling: latter = letter
    Be sure "good student" is plural = students plus a comma after you before "nevertheless"
    Again, in line 5, make student plural = students. (also the next line)

    shot = short and "sent forth" is better as "send."

    Some other things you might mention could be not only why this is good for the students, but why it could be good for the school.

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