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Analysis & Design

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Create a response to the following scenario: During the implementation phase of a
project, as a project manager you are facing many team issues (such as family issues
and interpersonal conflicts) and these issues are creating risks that you did not anticipate
during the design phase. Create a plan to adjust the termination time of the project to
accommodate the issues presented.

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    We'll be happy to HELP you with this assignment. If you post your ideas for this plan, we'll be glad to critique them.

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    I'm not sure how to answer this one. Maybe id say that since I would have the deadline early so that when instances like these happen I can move the deadline up and it would not affect anyone.

    Not a very large plan. But it would work. Basically, if you always do tasks a bit early you will always leave room for error.

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    That sounds like a feasible plan.

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    Thanks for the approval. I have been very unsuccessful in this class.:)

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    You're welcome. I suggest you elaborate on your ideas and present a longer, more complete answer.

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    Well, to start when planning for something of this magnitude you cannot get it down to an exact science. I mean that you can do all the planning in the world, and still not get everything you can possibly need.

    The best thing to do is to take each issue on one by one and plan for any such instances that can and may happen. The next thing to do is to allow for milestones to be created so that they can indicate whether or not you and the project team are on track with each deliverables. If you are not on schedule analyze the cause as quickly as you can and see the extent of the damages that has occurred, and if there are solutions to right the wrong.

    However, if you create a plan for such instances you would put in place.

    This is call a contingency plan or back-up plan which will automatically take the place of the original plan in such cases.

    This plan would be for all matters that involves the project as it enters the implementation phases.

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    Herro. Good call. Drink syrup.

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