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How can I tell the differnce between progressive verbs and gerunds, e.g. in the sentence Philip is planning a party, how do I know whether planning is the Direct Object and party is the object of the gerund or is plannning is the verb and party is the direct object?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. "Is planning" is the Present Progressive Tense, "planning" is the gerund (present participle), "party" is the direct object because it answers the question "what?". (what is he planning)

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    The difference between an "ing" verb acting like a verb or acting like a gerund is easy. When the "ing" verb is being a verb, it will have a "helping verb" with it from the "to be" family. eg.. am running, is running, are running, was running, were running, have been running, etc.

    When the "ing" verb is being a gerund, it will be behaving like a NOUN. It will be used as a subject, or direct object
    Running (subject) gives one stamina.
    Running a mile everyday ( subject) will strenthen your legs.
    I have never tried running a mile ( direct object).

    Here is a good site on gerunds.

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