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Homework Help: O.Chemistry *****PLEASE CHECK*****!!!!

Posted by K on Friday, March 14, 2008 at 2:39am.

Please check these out for me, if I am correct:

Match the following statements with SN1 or SN2 reactions:

1) The order of reactivity in alkyl halides is methyl>primary>secondary>tertiary

2) There is an intermediate carbocation

3) The rate-limiting step involves the alkyl halide and the nucleophile

4) The rate-limiting step involves the formation of an intermediate carbocation

#1 = SN2

#2 = SN1

#3 = SN2

#4 = SN1

Arrange the leaving groups in order of increasing leaving group ability.(least first):

I) Cl (with neg. charge)

II) I (with neg. charge)

III) Br (with neg. charge)

IV) F (with neg. charge)

I think that the order should be:

I^-, Br^-, Cl^-, F^- (or: IV, I, III, II)?????

Rank the anticipated order of boiling points for this set of compounds.( highest to lowest)):

1) CH_3CH_2OCH_2CH_3 (ie.CH3CH2OCH2CH3)

2) CH_3CH_2CH_2CH_2OH

3) CH_3OCH_3


I think that the order should be: 4,2,1,3...???

Does it look to be that I am on the right track with my answers to the above questions???

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