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I need help
The design of a new airplane requires a gasoline tank of constant cross-sectional area in each wing. A scale drawing of a cross section is shown here. The tank must hold 5000lb of gasoline, which has a density of 42 lb/ft3. Estimate the length of the tank.

Y0 = 1.5 ft, Y1 = 1.6 ft, Y2 = 1.8 ft, Y3 = 1.9 ft, Y4 = 2.0 ft, Y5 = Y6 = 2.1 ft

And the horizontal spacing is 1 ft.

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    Without the drawing or a better verbal description of the wind geometry, we cannot help you. The volume of the tank must be
    V = (mass)/(density)
    = (5000 lb)/(42 lb/ft^3) = 119.0 ft^3

    The volume V equals the cross sectional area times the length in this case. Figure out the area and use it to calculate the length

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    use the trapezoidal rule with the scale so its

    height =1, so
    (1/2) (1.5+ 2*1.6+ 2*1.8+ 2*1.9+ 2*2.0+ 2*2.1+ 2.1)
    which equals 11.2

    so 119/11.2= 10.625 or 10.63
    and that is the answer

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