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Can someone tell me if these are right

The use of exaggeration and argument by a seller to convince a buyer to enter into a contract will usually be considered:
a. fraud.
b. duress.
c. puffery.
d. undue influence.

Answer C puffery

A covenant not to compete will be enforced if it

a. is supported by consideration.
b. is reasonable with respect to duration and geographical scope.
c. does not unreasonably impair the ability of the covenantor to make a living.
d. both b and c.

Answer D both (a&b)

Exculpatory clauses as a group that purport to release parties from all liability are generally upheld by the courts

Answer false

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    Yes. D. is the best answer for the second question.

    The third question is rather vague. As DrWLS pointed out in an earlier post, he found several cases where the exculpatory clauses were upheld by the courts. Does your text book have any information about this question?

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    Unfortunately the text doesn;t give much information on Exculpatory clauses. I did lots of research on the web and I am getting mixed reviews on it. Does question 1 look ok?

    Thanks so much !

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    I suggest you ask your instructor about the exculpatory clauses.

    Yes. Puffery is the best answer for the first question.

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