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Determine the percentage composition of each of the following compounds
a) NaCl
b) AgNO3
c) Mg(OH)2

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    for NaCl i got na=23/135=0.17 x 100= 17% Cl=35/135=0.26 x 100=26%

    for AgNO3 i got 108/42 which im sure was wrong and i didn't get how to complete the problem..
    for Mg(OH)2 i didn't have a clue

    please help!
    thanks in advance

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    I don't understand what you are asking for. Do you want the percent by mass of each element in the compound? Or by atom or mole? For example, NaCl is clearly 50% Na by ATOM. By mass, Na is 23.0 of the total molar mass of 58.5, or 39.3%

    Do the others the same way, if that is what the question is all about.

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