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My book uses the slope y-intercept method for graphing.

I am trying to graph the following:

(sign > is greater then or equal to)

The way I understand it I would start on the Y axis at 0 and go down 5 and then to the right 2 for the -5/2. Then I would go up 3 and to the right 2 for the 3/2. The book shows(0,3/2) and (2,-7/2) as the coordinates. I have tried several different ways. I do not arrive at these coordinates.

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    No, the first step in your process is wrong.
    The -5/2 IS the y-intercept and -5/2 is -2.5
    So you are at (0,-2.5), now go up 3 and to the right 2, for the second point (2,0.5)
    In fraction form these points should be
    (0, -5/2) and (2,1/2)

    Join them with a solid line, and shade in the region above the line.

    Unless you typed the inequation incorrectly, the book answers you supplied are wrong.

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    Thank you for your response.

    This is a rough graph with the exact coordinates stated in the book.

    0 ' ' ' ' 'X
    - .(2,-7/2)

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    My point was and my point still is that the book is wrong if these points are supposed to satisfy the "equation" part of the inequality.
    The points I gave you DO satisfy the equation part of the inequality, thus they establish the boundary of the region you want.

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