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Physics => waves

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It's a simple problem I think but I can't get the answers to match with the book.

A particle fingering flute sounds note with frequency of 880Hz at 20 deg celcius(343m/s => sound wave speed) The flute is open at both ends.

a) find the air column length

b) find the frequency the flute produces at begining of football game when ambient temp is -50.0C and muscician has not had time to warm up flute.

the answers are a) 0.195m and b) 841m but I can't seem to get the answers when I use the equation for the standing wave in a open pipe

Thank you

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    If it is open on both ends, it is a half wave length. lambda=343/880, so lambda/2 is ...

    Ok, at 50C, the wave speed increases by .6*(50-20)....see the formula in your text...and air column length stays the same (lambda/2).

  • Physics => waves -

    Thank you bobpursley I got it =D

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