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English expression

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1. I went to an academy.
2. I went to academy.
3. I went to Chicago Academy.
4. I went to the academy.
Students go to a private institute after school to study further. Which expressions do we have to use?

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    All except # 2 are correct in American English. The British often don't use an article before university, so I assume they may not use an article before academy.

    If the name of this academy is well-known among the listners, then, # 4 is best.

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    Thank you, Sue.
    What is the difference between them?

    1. I went to school.
    2. I went to academy.

    Can we use 'private institute' instead of 'academy'?

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    Knowing when to use an article before a noun is probably one of the most difficult details for ESL students to master. There really isn't a good explanation. It seems to take years of constantly hearing and reading English to learn when we use the article and when we don't.

    The best explanation I can give is that "I went to school" is such a common term, that years ago we dropped the article. It isn't wrong to say, "I went to academy." But most native speakers would say "the academy," perhaps because it's not a very common expression.

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