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1/2x-3/4y=-3-1/2; find value of x
2x-3=x-3y-1; find valud of y

1. graph
2. solve by substitution

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    This is the second time I have seen your question.
    I did not answer it the first time since I could not decide what you meant.

    1. Is it (1/2)x ... or is it 1/(2x)...

    2. why would they have 3-1/2 on the right side? Is there a variable missing?

    3. are you solving the first for x in terms of y??

    4. in the second, are you solving for y in terms of x?

    5. For their graphs, both would be straight lines that intersect, their intersection point is the solution to the system

    6. I would solve the second equation for x, then sub that back into the first.

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    In reply to your questions:

    1. It is (1/2)x

    2. It is -3-1/2

    3. Yes

    4. Yes

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