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Suppose that an object is 100 lbs when it is at sea level. find the value of c that makes the equation true. (Sea level is 3963 miles from the center of the earth.) Use the value of c you found in the previous question to determin how much the object would weight in the Death valley (282 feet below sea level

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    You need to show the equation you are referring to, that has a constant c in it, which you are supposed to make true.

    I will assume the equation is, for the 100# object in question,
    W = C/R^2
    where R is the diatance of the object from the center of the Earth in miles and W is in lb.
    C = W R^2 = 100*3963^2 = 1.5705*10^9 lb

    At 282 ft below sea level, the distance from the center of the earth is reduced by 282/5280 = 0.0534 miles, so the new weight W' is

    W' = C/R^2
    = 1.5705*10^9 lb /(3963-.0534)^2
    = 100.064 lb

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