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A sample of 25.00 mL of vinegar is titrated with a standard 1.02 M NaOH solution. It was found that a volume of 19.60 mL of the standard NaOH solution is used to completely neutralize the acetic acid in the solution. Calculate the concentration of the acetic acid solution.

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    Acetic acid is CH3COOH. The H on the right end is the acid hydrogen. The H atoms on the left end are not acidic.

    CH3COOH + NaOH ==> CH3COONa + HOH

    mols NaOH used = M x L
    mols CH3COOH in the vinegar = mols NaOH (1:1 ratio from the equation)
    M vinegar = mols/L. You know mols from above and you know volume. Calculate molarity. Post your work if you get stuck.

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