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hey i need some help with a couple of questions please.....

change all bases to 2 then simplify fully

2^n x 4^n+1
(note that i cannot put the division line thingo in)

prove that:
a^m/n = n(outside radical sign)a^m (inside radical sign)

i don't know if you can understand that??? if not i will post a link 2 a word doc...

thanx 4 ur help!! :):)

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    I have a feeling you meant to type

    2^n x 4^(n+1) or else the +1 would be a nuisance dangling term

    change the last factor
    4^(n+1) into [2^2]^(n+1) = 2^(2n+2)
    so now you have
    = 2^(3n+2)

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    actually the site cut off my question, what i tried to type was

    2^n x 4^(n+1)

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    then I am sure you can finish the question if your realize that

    = [2^3]^(n-2)
    = 2^(3n-6)

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    thanks for the help, i appreciate it, i was unsure of where iwas going wrong, it was just my brackets i mucked up, thanx.

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