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Sorry I'm posting again-- I just thought it would increase my chances of getting my question answered if i posted it in the mathematics portion of the website also.

One can of pumpkin pie mix will make a pie of diameter 8 in. If two cans of pie mix are used to make a larger pie of the same thickness, find the diameter of that pie. Use sqrt 2 is equal to about 1.414

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    The volume of the larger pie will be double. Since the height of the filling is the same, the area will be double. To double the area, increase the diameter by a factor of sqrt 2 = 1.414.

    Multiply 8 inches by that for the answer.

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    I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by when you say "increase the diameter by a factor of sqrt 2 = 1.414." Can you please clarify for me? Thank you for helping me even though you're packing for a trip! =D

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    I mean multiply 8 by sqrt2, which is 1.414. This gives you 8 sqrt2 = 11.31 inches

    Compare the areas of an 8 inch pizza and an 11.31 inch pizza. One is twice the other.

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    Oh, ok, I get it now. Thanks for helping me!

    Have fun on your trip!


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