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A semi- trailer truck (seen from back) of mass M is negotiating a right hand curve on a level highway, The constant speed of the truck is v and the radius of curvature of it's circular trajectory is R. The road exerts normal forces on the trucks tires F1, F2 and a horizontal static friction force on each tire f1, f2 directed toward the centre of the curve. The trucks centre of mass is a height H above the road and the distance between the tires is W.

Apply newtons second law(s) in the non- inertial frame moving with the truck to find the magnitudes of the normal forces on terms of M,g,v,R,W. Assume the truck can be treated as a lamina lying in the plane of the page.

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    These equations will be needed for the solution:
    F1 + F2 = Mg (vertical force balance)

    MV^2/R * H + M g W/2 - F2*W = 0 (moment balance about the F1 tire)

    f1 + f2 = M V^2/R (horizontal force balance)

    I don't see how to solve for f1 and f2 separately if the tires are not skidding. F1 and F2 can be separately solved, but the f's do not have to be proportional to F when not skidding

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