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Algebra-Graphing Linear Equation

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The way I unerstand from the book to graph this equation. I would start at
the Y intersect and go up to 1. The go up 2 for the slope. Then across 4 on the X axis. The book shows the graph with the coordinates of (1,6) and (0,4). When I do it the way the book explains I do not arrive at these coordinates. Y
-6* (1,6)
X' ' ' ' ' 0 1'2 3'4 5 '

Sorry about my poor looking graph.

  • Algebra-Graphing Linear Equation -

    To graph inequations (they have < or > or ≥ or ≤ in them), consider the corresponding "equation" which will become the boundary of the region you are graphing
    So we would be dealing with
    y = 2x + 4
    put in x=1 ----> y = 2(1)+4 = 6
    put in x=0 ----> y = 2(0)+4 = 4

    that is how they got the two points (1,6) and (0,4)

    Plot these two points, draw a dotted line, and shade in the region below that line.

    for y > .... shade in above the dotted line
    for y ≥ ....draw a solid line and shade in the region above
    for y < .... shade in the region below, like your problem
    for y ≤ .... draw a solid line, then shade in below

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