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What is the molarity of the resulting saline solution when you mix 1 mole HCl with 1 mole NaOH? I'll provide some basic information that I know, but could somebody tell me how to get the answer using the data?

The balanced reaction is as follows: HCl+NaOH->H2O+NaCl

Molar Mass is as follows

1 mole HCl=36.4606 grams
1 mole NaOH=39.9971 grams
1 mole H2O=18.01524 grams
1 mole NaCl=58.442 grams

1 gram H2O=1 ml H2O

The molarity of the solution equals the number of moles of solute (NaCl)in the solution divided by the number of liters of the solution.

Could somebody tell me how to use the information?

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    You need a final volume before you can answer this question. We can make some assumptions and get at the answer but technically we need the final volume.
    1 mol HCl + 1 mol NaOH will produce 1 mol NaCl. Since the only volume comes from the HCl solution (assuming the solid NaOH doesn't change the volume) we can make some guesses and be close, probably, but we must guess at the volume if you don't have it in the problem.

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    I dont know

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