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A triangle is enlarged by a scale factor of 10/3.

a) If the perimeter of the copy is 36 meters, find the perimeter of the original triangle using the proportion 10/3.

b) If the area of the copied triangle is 48 meters squared, use a proportion to find the area of the original triangle.

Please HELP me! I don't really know how I can solve this...

  • Pre-Algebra -

    ( copy/ orginal) = 10/3

    (10/3)=(copy perimeter)/(orig.perimeter)
    cross multiply and you get
    10x=108 then x= 10 4/5 =10.8
    x=perimeter of org.
    Do the same with part b but this time it's area.
    (10/3)=(48/x) ===> x= 14 2/5 =14.4

  • Pre-Algebra(second part is wrong) -

    Samantha, your second part is not correct

    The area of similar figures is proportional to the square of their sides. Since perimeter is a function of the sides you last line should have been

    (10/3)2 =(48/x) ===> x= 4.32

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