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algebra 1...urgent

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a high school wrestling mat must be square with 38-foot sides and contain two circles as shown. suppose the inner circle has a radius of "s" feet and the outer circle's radius is nine feet longer than the inner circle.

*write an expression for the area of the larger circle.

* write an expression for the area of the suqare outside the circle.

*use the expression to find the area if s=1.

  • algebra 1...urgent -

    If your question is so urgent, what have you done to try to solve these problems?

  • algebra 1...urgent -

    for the first star thing i got
    a=3.14 x s^2+81

    but i don't understand the other 2 bullets

  • algebra 1...urgent -

    * area of a circle is r^2 times pi
    r=9s so r^2 is 9s^2. Multiply this by 3.14 to get the area of the circle. You can't actually solve it with a number since there is a variable involved.

    * Area of a square is length times width

    * If s=1, the area of the circle is 9^2 x 3.14. Take this answer and subtract it from the area of your square.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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