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Three moles of an ideal gas are compressed from 5.5*10^-2 to 2.5*10^-2 m^3. During the compression, 6.1*10^3J of work is done on the gas, and heat is removed to keep the temperature of the gas constant at all times. Find the temperature of the gas.

Can anyone please give me some hints to do this?THANKS A LOT!

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    p V = n R T is state equation before and after
    Now work done at constant temp

    dW = -p dV
    but p = (n R T)/V and here n R T is constant given
    dW = -(nRT) dV/V
    work done = (nRT) ln(V1/V2)

    by the way, that is also the heat out since internal energy depends only on T which is constant.

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    i don't get it...where does the d come from?

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