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Algebra II

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Find the exact solutions to 6x^2+x+4=0 by using the quadratic formula.

x= -8

94/12= 7.8333..

[-8, 7.83](answer)

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    do u cumplex numbers???

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    What do you mean?

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    do u know cumplex numbers???as your sqrt is negative(b²-4ac=-95) you have to use cumplex numbers to solve this equation

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    no that's the only way I know how to do it.

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    so 6x²+x+4=0 has no one solution(no one real solution but there are cumplex solution : it's (-1+-isqrt95)/12

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    since a=6,b=1,c=4


    so the roots are imaginary

    "since the square root of "-1" is "I"
    (yes the letter "I")

    Then your roots are
    "(-1+9.74i)/12 and (-1-9.74i)/12

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