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Posted by JAKE on Thursday, February 28, 2008 at 9:54pm.

below are about 21 questions from my final study guide. I was given a 563 question study guide for my final and obviously I did not understand every question. So basically I did not understand 4% of the questions which is pretty good. Just any help with the questions below would be great. Please note that this will not be graded. Any answers given will just help prepare me more on my final.

Compounds and Molecules
Answer the following questions to identify whether a substance is a mixture or a compound.
pure water
A) mixture
B) compound

A) compound
B) mixture

A) compound
B) mixture

Compounds and Molecules 2

Predict which molecules have a greater attraction for each other; C3H8O2 in liquid rubbing alcohol or CH4 molecules in methane gas.
A) C3H8O2 because they are farther apart and moving slower in a liquid.
B) C3H8O2 because they are closer together and moving slower in a liquid.
C) CH4 because they are farther apart and moving quicker in a gas.
D) CH4 because they are closer together and moving quicker in a gas.

Compounds are different from mixtures because
A) compounds are held together by chemical bonds.
B) each original substance in a compound remains chemically unchanged.
C) each substance in a compound maintains its own properties.
D) mixtures are held together by chemical bonds.

The type of bond that forms between metals and non metals on the periodic table. This requires that one of the elements lose electron(s).
A) ionic bond
B) covalent bond
C) metallic bond

Which of the following best explains why aluminum foil will conduct electricity?
A) The metallic bonds are broken
B) It has a full outer shell of electrons that are stable.
C) It is a metal and its valence electrons are free to move

Which substance has ionic bonds?
A) CO2
B) O2

The number of valence electrons in aluminum.
A) 1e-
B) 2e-
C) 3e-
D) 0

The type of bond in which there is an equal sharing of electrons.
A) non-polar covalent bond
B) ionic bond
C) polar covalent bond

Which of the depicts the proper ground state electron configuration for K?
A) 1s22s22p2
B) 1s22s22p63s23p64s1
C) 1s22s22p63s2
D) 1s5

Which of the following best describes the noble gases.
A) readily bond with other elements
B) are very unstable
C) have a full outer shell
D) form covalent bonds
Compound Names and Formulas

The empirical formula for glucose is
A) C6H12O6
D) sugar

Which of the following help to explain why metals rather than ionic solids are used in electrical wiring.
A) As a solid metal can carry an electric current.
B) In metallic bonds charges are held in place when it is solid, while ionic solids allow charges to move freely.
C) Ionic bonds are not flexible, while metal can be bent and stretched because metallic bonds are flexible.
D) Ionic solids hold charges in place and do not allow them to move freely.

Determine the chemical formula for the following ionic compound: strontium nitrate; an ingredient in some fireworks, signal flares, and matches.
B) Sr3NO2
C) Sr(NO3)2
D) NO3Sr2

What is the name of the following covalent compound: N2O
A) nitroxide
B) nitrous oxide
C) dinitrogen monoxide
D) trinitrogen dioxide

The ion name and symbol for a Fluorine anion is
A) Fluorinate, Fl
B) Fluoride, F-
C) Flouride, F
D) Fluoridium, F

What is the ionic formula for magnesium bromide?
A) MgBr
B) Mg2Br
C) MgBr2
D) Br2Mg

A substance in a solid at room temperature. It is unable to conduct electricity as a solid but can conduct electricity as a liquid. This compound melts at 755 oC. Would you expect this compound to have ionic bonds, metallic bonds, or covalent bonds?
A) metallic bonds
B) ionic bonds
C) covalent bonds

In addition to carbon and hydrogen atoms choose another element from the list that can bond with carbon in organic compounds.
A) iron
B) calcium
C) fluoride
D) nitrogen

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